Prenatal Chiropractic Care In Clayton, NC

Welcoming a new member to your family is a wonderful event, but the nine months of pregnancy required to make that moment happen can be less than welcome. Aches, pains, swelling and other discomforts can add considerably to the challenges of preparing for birth, not to mention possibly affecting the ease of the birth itself. But you'll be delighted to know that you can experience safe, natural relief while optimizing your body for the big day. Clayton Chiropractic can provide you with prenatal care in the form of chiropractic adjustments and other gentle, drug-free treatments.

pregnant lady before seeing chiropractor in Clayton for prenatal chiropractic

Pregnancy's Musculoskeletal Challenges

Pregnancy produces profound physical changes as the mother's body alters itself for the task of nurturing a fetus up to the moment of birth. The most obvious change, of course, is the increase in weight and the forward protrusion of the abdomen. This is associated with a shift in weight distribution as the spine assumes more of a swayback posture to accommodate the growing fetus. The changes in spinal alignment can cause nerve impingement and muscular strain the lower back and neck, producing everything from sciatica to headaches.

Changes in hormone and water levels can add to the discomfort by causing swelling in the hands and feet; at the same time, impaired nerve function from a spinal misalignment can affect the body's ability to control these functions. Last but not least, the ligaments in and around the pelvis become looser in preparation for birth, contributing to spinal instability.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Clayton

If you've been searching for ways to relieve your prenatal aches and pains that pose no danger to your developing baby, you're right to seek out pregnancy chiropractic care at Clayton Chiropractic. Our chiropractor, Dr. Karel Lloyd, can employ gentle chiropractic techniques that are ideally suited for our pregnant patients. These adjustments can correct some of the joint problems that stem from extreme changes in spinal alignment, while also relieving pinched nerve symptoms and muscular stresses. Better yet, the improvement in your nerve function can help balance hormonal and fluid balances while also helping your body support proper fetal development. Most important of all is our ability to adjust your lower spine to ensure that your baby can turn around in the womb and pass through the birth canal easily.

Other natural techniques can work beautifully alongside our prenatal chiropractic care in Clayton. Fascial movement taping, also known as kinesiology taping, is a great example. We can apply this specializing tape so that its gentle pulling action relieves pain and promotes fluid drainage, providing days of relief per taping. We can even provide nutritional advice to make sure you're "eating for two" in the healthiest possible manner.

Looking for Natural Prenatal Care in Clayton or McGees Crossroads?

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