Work Injury FAQs With Clayton Chiropractic

Your health and vitality influence every corner of your life, including your career. When a work injury happens, serious stress (physical, mental, and financial) can develop. At Clayton Chiropractic, our team is happy to be at your side when it comes to work injuries and can offer natural and drug-free treatments to help you find relief quickly. 


What Types of Work Injury Should I Be Aware Of? 

No matter what your typical workday looks like—on your feet a lot, sitting in a chair, or performing lots of heavy lifting—you may be susceptible for an injury at any time. Common ones include:

  • Nerve compression syndrome: a nerve is pinched by some structure (carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and sciatica in the low back are common)
  • Disc herniation or disc bulge: an injury to a spinal disc that causes it to tear or protrude out of alignment
  • Muscle strain: rotator cuff tears or spinal muscle strains and spasms are common
  • Whiplash: strain-related tissue damage and inflammation in the neck due to rapid forward/backward neck movement (seen in auto accidents or falls)
  • Tech neck: temporary neck pain and stiffness from forward posture that may overtime increase your risk for chronic/degenerative problems

How Might a Work Injury Occur?

Your risk of sustaining a work injury may increase if you perform a lot of heavy lifting, repetitive movement, or are on your feet a lot. Conversely, sitting too much can increase pressure on the spine and lead to injury. 

Poor ergonomics and poor posture can make your desk job very stressful on the spine and other body parts and may result in shortened/ weakened muscles and low back pain. 

How Might a Clayton Chiropractor Treat My Work Injury?

Dr. Karel Lloyd meets people on a weekly basis looking for work injury relief. His services can restore your health and well-being by reducing inflammation, accelerate tissue healing, supporting injured areas, reducing pain, and preventing recurring problems by helping you identify weaknesses, mobility restrictions, and poor postures/work habits which have contributed to your injuries. 

He achieves these drug-free healing effects through services like adjustments (in the spine and extremities), soft tissue mobilization (including fascial movement taping), corrective exercises, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling—all customized for you!

Is Your Life Being Impacted by a Work Injury? Get Relief At Clayton Chiropractic!

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