Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment with our Clayton and Smithfield Chiropractor

At Clayton Chiropractic, our Clayton and Smithfield chiropractor knows shoulder pain: he's seen firsthand just how frustrating pain and dysfunction in this joint can be. He's proud to offer natural and non-invasive services that can relieve your symptoms effectively. 

woman holding her shoulder because of shoulder pain

What's Causing Your Shoulder Pain? 

In order to function properly, your highly mobile shoulder joint requires a lot of coordinated movement of muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. For a variety of reasons, this coordinated physiological system can become disrupted and begin to lead to uncomfortable symptoms including pain, stiffness, and weakness. 

The following conditions are among the most common ones we see at our clinic among people looking for shoulder pain treatment:

  • Shoulder dislocations and shoulder joint laxity: Sometimes the shoulder joint can become acutely misaligned due to direct trauma or abnormal movement. Once the shoulder's ball and socket joint are back in its appropriate place, what remains is often laxity, inflammation, and hypermobility in the connective tissues (capsule, ligaments, tendons, and muscles) surrounding the joint area. 
  • Bursitis: Bursae are fluid-filled sacs, typically located between bones and tendons in various areas of the body that help reduce friction. If these become irritated or inflamed, then pain and swelling can develop.
  • Rotator cuff tears and tendonitis: The many small stabilizing muscles attaching to your upper back, shoulder blade, collarbone, cervical bones, and even upper ribs are essential for ensuring your shoulder moves correctly and comfortably. Fibers in the muscles can become strained or torn due to repetitive motion, acute trauma, or overuse; likewise, tendons may become inflamed and irritated. Rotator cuff injuries often feel achy and dull, but may present with a "painful arc" of motion that feels sharp.
  • Frozen shoulder: Formally known as adhesive capsulitis, the hallmark of frozen shoulder is progressive stiffening and decreased the range of motion of the shoulder joint. 
  • Referred pain from the neck: Because of how many connective tissues are shared between the neck and shoulder region, often times a problem in the cervical spine can lead to pain in the shoulder area. This may include whiplash, text neck syndrome, and even cervical radiculopathy (spinal nerve compression at the level of the neck). 

What to Expect from Shoulder Pain Treatment

Our Smithfield chiropractor, Dr. Lloyd, has several treatment options for people suffering from shoulder pain, including:

  • Fascial movement taping, which helps stimulate localized circulation and attract healing molecules to the injured shoulder
  • Chiropractic extremity adjustments, with or without instruments, to restore normal shoulder joint alignment and relieve pain

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