Our Shoulder Pain Chiropractic Care for Smithfield Patients

Shoulder injuries often happen during sports play, after working on a heavy construction project, or when moving multiple pieces of large furniture. Shoulder pain chiropractic care for Smithfield patients is now available in Clayton.


Why Smithfield Patients Should Come to Clayton Chiropractic

We offer you solutions you might not find anywhere else. One advantage of seeking help from Clayton Chiropractic is because we offer you the chance to achieve an improved well-being without medications. In addition, we provide a variety of solutions that require absolutely no surgery. With the use of non-invasive treatments, it helps you resume your everyday activities as soon as possible without scars.

Chiropractic Methods that Provide Shoulder Pain Relief for Smithfield Patients

When you come to Clayton Chiropractic, you receive compassionate service. Methods we use that provide shoulder pain relief for Smithfield patients include fascial movement taping and joint realignment.

The fascial taping method provides a way to mechanically alleviate the pressure on a shoulder that causes pain. It increases circulation in the treated region, and it activates healing molecules that soothe the injury. Specialists use fascial tape for treating both shoulder and neck pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, and inflamed or irritated bones and tendons as well as other conditions resulting in aches and pains.

The joint realignment for Smithfield patients is one in which your dislocated shoulder joints will be put back into place. It also could help you in instances such as for the treatment of a torn rotator cuff that causes sharp pains or for providing join stiffness relief. This often includes the process of extremity adjustments of several upper back joints and the neck. 

Contact a Chiropractor Near Smithfield Today and Make an Appointment

If you just viewed our website and still are not sure what help a chiropractor near Smithfield can offer you, please contact Clayton Chiropractic at (919) 553-2225. We will set you on the path toward having full control of your shoulder without all the pain. You can also stop in to see us at our Clayton, NC office anytime. We will answer all your treatment questions and help you schedule your next appointment with us.

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