Work Injury

Our Clayton Chiropractor Helps Hard-Work North Carolinians Stay Healthy on the Job

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), work-related musculoskeletal injuries account for about 34% of all annual missed work days. Our Clayton chiropractor, Dr. Karel Lloyd, is determined to help make a small dent in that number by helping his hard-working patients recover from and PREVENT common work injuries. 


Common Types of Work Injury 

An injury on the job can occur whether you have a sedentary career or a physically demanding one. Common ones like carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve compression in the wrist), tech neck (neck pain due to slouching over a computer or smartphone), and sciatica (sciatic nerve compression in the low back), can pop up due to issues like:

  • Excessive time spent sitting
  • Poor ergonomics (environmental set up of your workspace, including your desk, computer, and keyboard)
  • Impaired core strength, endurance, and coordination
  • Improper lifting techniques (e.g., bending with the back, twisting the spine while carrying heavy loads, not using appropriate tools or helping hands)
  • Slips, trips, and falls

How Our Chiropractor Can Alleviate Your Pain & Dysfunction Caused by a Work Injury

Nagging aches and pains on the job can impair your productivity and work satisfaction. Seek natural and drug-free help to get relief quickly! Our chiropractor offers a variety of services that can get to the root of your work-related injury while at the same time providing drug-free pain relief: 

  • Postural screens and lifestyle counseling: Dr. Lloyd can help you understand how you're positioning yourself at work and how you can improve your workspace set-up (ergonomics) so that you can perform your work tasks more efficiently and effectively. 
  • Chiropractic adjustments (both manual and instrument-assisted) gently realign your spine (key for conditions like tech neck and chronic low back pain) and trigger natural pain relief by releasing innate pain-killers within the body. We provide both spinal and extremity adjustments for conditions affecting the back and limbs. 
  • Modalities including rock tape can increase local circulation to sore and strained muscles and accelerate tissue healing
  • Exercises to improve core strength and endurance, as well as shoulder and hip flexibility, can keep you healthier on and off the clock

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