Back Pain FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Back Pain and Its Treatment

When you're suffering from back pain, you may have no idea why this problem is torturing you, what to do about, or whether you'll have to submit to extreme remedies such as major surgery. If these and other questions are nagging at you almost as much as your symptoms, check out these frequently asked back pain questions from our team at Clayton Chiropractic in Clayton NC.

  • What kinds of injuries produce back pain? High-impact events such as acute auto accident injuries, workplace injuries or sports injuries can easily tear muscles and tendons in your back, causing pain and stiffness. They can also dislodge the vertebrae and vertebral discs, straining the joints that articulate your spine and causing the discs to herniate, a painful condition that can pinch nearby nerve tissue.
  • I wasn't in an accident. Why is my back suddenly hurting? That "sudden" problem may have been years in the making. A lifetime of poor posture, incorrect spinal alignment and/or weak back musculature may have set the stage for chronic soft tissue and joint strain. Additionally, age-related changes such as bulging discs, arthritis or spinal stenosis may be causing pain and inflammation. Unnatural, repeated back motions at work or in your favorite sport may also leave you with recurring or constant back pain.
  • Can back pain stem from a problem elsewhere in my body? Pain signals can indeed be relayed along nerve pathways from other areas of the body, a phenomenon known as referred pain. Similarly, a musculoskeletal imbalance anywhere along your kinetic chain can stress the back. Flat feet or uneven leg length can throw your spine off-center, resulting in back pain.
  • Why is my back pain accompanied by leg pain? Low back pain accompanied by leg pain, tingling or numbness is often a sign of sciatica. This complaint usually occurs when a disc or other structure presses against the sciatic nerve roots.
  • How does chiropractic adjustment provide back pain relief in Clayton? Chiropractic adjustment can correct imbalances in your spinal alignment, disc position, and vertebral joint relationships. This technique normalizes weight distribution on your muscles to provide non-surgical back relief in Clayton. It also helps relieve sciatica symptoms by taking the "pinch" off of nerve tissue.
  • What other therapies can you prescribe for sports injury treatment in Clayton? Our fascial movement taping support damaged soft tissues and helps them heal, making it highly effective for sports injury treatment in Clayton. You may also benefit from exercises to loosen tight muscles, along with postural and lifestyle tips to help you keep your back straighter and less prone to sports injuries.


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