Knee Pain

Knee Pain and Chiropractic 

I have knee pain. It's the opening line of a tale often told by new patients calling for an appointment here at Clayton Chiropractic in Clayton, NC. The stories differ in the telling, and the narrators may be old or young, athlete or couch potato, vegan or carnivore, but there is one universal thread that runs through all these tales. Their knees hurt, and they're not going to take it anymore. That's where we come in.


Knee Pain and Its Accompanying Symptoms

Knee pain may be the main topic of patients' stories, but there are usually sub-topics in the guise of symptoms such as

  • redness
  • heat
  • swelling
  • weakness
  • instability
  • inflexibility

The main culprits are many: injury, arthritis, body mechanics, and extenuating circumstances which include old athletic injuries, occupation-related duties, age, and lack of muscle strength. The ending to all these tales is the same.  The protagonist chooses to bring his or her pain to our chiropractor and lives, if not happy ever after, relatively pain free.

The Chiropractic Approach to Knee Pain

Our chiropractor in Clayton, like his fellow practitioners all over the world, approaches each patient’s particular case of knee pain from several different directions. Initially he may apply cold to reduce inflammation and/or swelling. He may use massage to help evaluate and improve range of motion. 

Once he has pinpointed the origin of the pain and stiffness, on subsequent visits he may apply mobilization and manipulation techniques to the areas where movement is restricted as well as on the joints surrounding it. Should a patients' condition warrant it, he may discuss adjunctive therapies like ultrasound, low level laser therapy, also known as cold laser therapy, infrared sauna, or electrotherapy.

Chiropractor in Clayton for Severe Knee Pain

Some traditional doctors will recommend knee replacement for especially severe cases of knee pain and other knee problems. Choosing this path entails a slow protracted recovery period of regaining strength not only in the knees, but in the thighs, feet, ankles, and lower legs. Chiropractic adjustments, on the other hand, are a less invasive solution to pain and stiffness. Furthermore, once the pain is cleared, scheduling regular adjustments will keep the knees functioning at optimal levels.

Whether you're new to chiropractor treatments or a chiropractic veteran new in town, we invite you to come in to Clayton Chiropractic in Clayton, NC, and meet us. We offer a full range of healing services that can give you relief from your daily pain and go on to heal its root cause.  Our chiropractor is available for free consultations by appointment. Our number is 919-553-2225.




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